Communication Research Methods Matrix

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Communication Research Methods Matrix Name of method Description of method When method is used Surveys Survey methodology is useful in identifying the truth. Through this, issues can be addressed more efficiently. In this, data is collected from large mass of people. This method is useful in identifying needs and wants of stakeholders in organization, for developing strategies and collecting large amount of data (Eribo & Tanjong, 2002). Triangulation It is the communication method in which one person does not communicate directly to another person. In spite of this, both people communicate with third person. It involves three people. This type of method is used when one person is not able to communicate directly to another person. It is used in case studies, when opinions of different persons need to be gathered (Huber & Warring, 2010). Experimentation Experimentation is the method in which evidence of the data is gathered through various sources. It includes the nature of research question This method is used when decisions need to be taken. It is used to gather evidences about the research questions (Groz, & Hierons, 2004). Encoding In this method, researcher translates the information gathered from diversified people into own understandable language. This method is useful in the beginning of communication research; it is also useful in the intermediate stages. Moreover, It is also beneficial in limiting the cues (Mehrabian, 2007). Depth Interview It is the technique in which personal views and opinions of people on the research topic is identified. It is used to do the need assessment, issue identification, strategic planning etc (Jones, 2003). Ethnography It is the qualitative method in which researcher use different patterns of language that helps them to attend closely in the manner they use language. It is used when researcher has to
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