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Communication Plan The decision was made by the Riordan manufacturing company to implement a change in the handling of its customer information data system. Based on information received from the company’s research and development team, the new plan is to integrate our customer sells information from our plastic beverage facility in Albany Georgia, our custom plastic parts facility plant in Pontiac Michigan and plastic fan parts facility in Hangzhou China into one data based information system. With the implantation of this new system, we want to strengthen our relationship with our existing customers and have a better understanding of our customers’ needs. The new information system will provide our company with the technology to receive information from all three manufacturing plants for information process in order to shape production find solutions and respond to the needs of our customers. ("Riordan Manufacturing", 2006-13) Communication Channel There are many channels for communicating this plan such as email, face to face, memo, telecommunication and video conferences. Since the Riordan company has facilities located in different parts of the country and also a facility located overseas in China, the most cost effective method of delivery would be a email sent from the President & CEO Dr. Michael Riordan to Senior V.P. –R&D and so on down the organizational chart. Areas of Change In order for Riordan Manufacturing to become successful with its desired goal of a collaboration of information data between the three facilities, change will have to take place in certain departmental groups. Although this is a facility wide effort to improve customer satisfaction, changes will be focused on information technology, finance, accounting and inventory areas. Change is Good With the implementation of a new data

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