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Communication Paper HCS/490 Makala C. Polland Carolyn Maxine Hughes August 19, 2013 Communication Paper I will be attempting to write in a word paper and address some issues of communication modalities that are used as marketing in health care. There are a lot of different ways that medical providers can use such services as a web- based forum, e-mails, or even electronic medical records software to communicate better with their consumers or patients. Instead of just addressing one; I have decided to talk about each of these communication modalities used in health care today. I will begin each paragraph by providing information pertaining to each of these modalities in how each one has some benefits to them as well as to how important it is for medical providers to have some kind of a communication available to them. I will address each one of them in full detail so that a better awareness will be gained in the end of this paper. One benefit that electronic medical records have for providers and their patients is that it gives them an easier access to their health or medical records. Having this type of a software implemented into a health care organization also lets providers communicate better with other medical providers in other health care organization. I think one aspect that makes this type of a modality in regards to a patient’s confidentiality. By having this type of a software equipment any health care facility will lead to major health care savings, reduce medical errors, and improve health. A patients privacy been kept where no one can have or obtain any access makes it a very important part of any health care facility. Health care facilities or organization strives to keep all of their patients’ medical or health records more secure and confidentially; so that only those authorized to view or look at them at all

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