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Communication Paper Stephanie Stokes SOC/110 May 18, 2011 Maxine Craig Communication Paper There are various forms of communication that people use in today’s society. People communicate face-to-face, by phones through text messages and talking, teleconference, via web, and body language. These different styles of communication fall under either verbal or nonverbal communications. Verbal communication is spoken words between people rather face-to-face or another style of communicating involving spoken words. Nonverbal communication is done through body language. A person’s facial expression, stance, paralanguage, proxemics, and chronemics are all examples of nonverbal communication. This paper will father explore the difference in verbal and nonverbal communication. This paper will explore communications between genders, cultures, and how to communicate effectively in diverse environments. There are basically three functions of verbal communication, task ordering, process orientation, and narrative. Task ordering focuses on choices and specifies understanding about individual or group purposes. Addressing successful conflicts in groups is an example of process orientation. The way one speaks about their group is an example of narrative (Webster, 1993, May). Expressions of emotions eventually become one with nonverbal communication. Human beings communicate more through nonverbal means. Nonverbal communication is communicating through signs, gestures, expressions, and body language. For example, when giving a speech, many presenters use their hands to express something good, or bad to help the audiences understand their emotions. According to, facial expressions are important to nonverbal communication; we can use facial expressions to help someone accept a statement that we are making. Touching is

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