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Name Communication Paper/ Electronic Medical Records (EMR) HCS 490 Date Instructor- Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Many of years paper based medical records has been the main source for communication between health care providers, but with the current changes with technology and the advancements it offers has changed most of patient information from paper to electronic, this new change is an attempt to completely go away with paper and give providers an easier and quicker way to retrieve patients information. Most has found that using Electronic Medical Records (EMR) verses paper charts is a positive change. EMR is mainly used for documenting patient’s medical information, test results, progress of care, use of medication, and the overall health maintenance. Many providers have found this to be very beneficial for the care of the patients. The new system gives physician and their assistants the chance to evaluate all information documented by other providers, without waiting for it to be mailed or faxed, which will help to accurately diagnose the patient medical problem, and determine the time frame and amount of care the patient may need. Patient Benefit and Security When Electronic Medical Records (EMR) first begins, it came with plenty of concerns from many consumers/patients. They were worrying about errors with documenting, identity theft, and the chase of losing information. Patients had to be ensured that using EMR will decrease the amount of papers being misplaced or lost and how they have the best security on all computer systems regarding patient care. Quality of the patients’ safety is being improved daily, and all information is securely secured with a password that is only accessible within the health care institute (Spruce Internal

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