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Communication Paper; Electronic Medical records By Crystal Cummings HCS/490 Dr. Eboni Green 4/9/2012 There are a lot of different things used by the health care field. One thing that is used is Electronic Medical Records (EMR). EMRs are where the doctor’s office put the patient’s regular paper medical record on the computer. With the change in technology there are a lot of clinics switching to this. This paper will cover different topics. The first topic is the benefits to the patient. Benefits to the patient are there would be fewer mistakes. Before electronic medical records came out there were medical records on paper. When the doctor would write orders in the records the nurses would have a hard time reading the doctor’s writing. With the EMRs all the doctor has to do is type the orders and then the nurses will be able to read it. The patient will also get the care that they deserve due to the fact that their record will be able easier to get to. There will also be a shorter waiting period at the doctor’s office. (Weinberg) An aspect relating to the values and importance of maintaining patient confidentiality when using EMRs as the mode of communication is that it helps to protect the patient’s record and it gives all of the doctors’ access to the records as long as they use the same software. It makes it easier for the patient to see several doctors for their treatment without their record getting lost in transit. (AMA) One reason EMRs is an effective means of communication between consumers and providers is due to EMRs being a quick way for consumers to get to their records. When an electronic medical record is being used it helps the office safe time. When there is an emergency the medical records are easy to get to so that they can answer questions for the paramedics. (Open Clinic 2011) Electronic medical records differ

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