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There are a variety of communication modalities available to health care consumers and health care providers. One of these modalities of communication is electronic medical records and it may entail benefits and challenges to both consumers and providers. With the electronic medical records it is used to store a patient’s medical information and it allows doctors offices, hospitals and other health care facilities to be able to get access to all of the patients information without having to have a bunch of paper work in hand, it can be looked up on a computer. The world is full of paper work and in today’s world many companies are trying to eliminate the paper work and go right for the technology and that would be the use of computers. One of the most important benefits for a patient, the electronic medical records would be the security implications that help protect a person and his or her medical information. With electronic medical records it is all safe, secure, portable, and easily accessible for the authorized person. This alone makes a patient feel safe about his or her information that is placed into the computer. In order for anyone to collect any information about a consumers health records, then that consumer has to file documentation and submit a written authorization form to their doctors and healthcare facility. This is an effective means of communication between consumers and providers because of the fact that the system is safe and secure. Many people have a fear of his or her information being stolen. With the electronic medical records a there are many different security implications that help by protecting a person and his or her medical information. With this mode of communication it is somewhat different from other forms of communication because of the fact that only authorized personal can access the information, unlike a paper trail.

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