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Communication Paper Kris Schumacher HCS 490 October 3, 2011 Marcia Thompson Electronic Medical Records Paper- based records have been around for many years, but with constant advancements in technology, much of information that once was recorded on paper, is now being recorded on the computer, in an attempt to eliminate paper-based medical records completely. Electronic medical records (EMR) are a replacement for the traditional paper charts. The main purpose of electronic medical records is documentation of the medical records containing the patient’s medical history, test results, care received, medications used, and any known allergies. This is very beneficial for many health care providers as well as their patients. Now doctors and nurses have the opportunity to evaluate and compare the patient’s medical history with each other; this helps them to accurately diagnosed the problem and determine the best plan of care for each patient. Benefits to Patient Electronic medical records decrease the amount of paperwork that are being lost and or misplaced. Safety and improved quality helps in caring for the patient and with patient’s information stored in a computer within a health care office or facility. All records that are on a computer are secured by a password that only is known by health care facilities staff members who provide care to patients (Thompson Peak Internal Medicine, 2007). Another benefit to electronic medical records is this provides providers less time in filling out paperwork and so forth that using electronic medical records and fewer patients wait time. Importance of maintain patient confidentiality The importance of maintaining patient confidentiality when it comes to electronic medical records is to keep unauthorized access of medical records by insurance agencies, employers, or people who use personal information found on these

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