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Communication Opinion Paper Kelly Lindquist HCS/320 November 7, 2014 Paul Wing University of Phoenix Communication Opinion Paper There are several types of communication verbal, nonverbal, written, and body language. Each method needs to be considered if a person is going to communicate effectively. In order to communicate as a health care provider there are several things that need to be addressed to ensure the proper tone and style are set before communication is conveyed to the audience. First, one must consider how effective communication incorporates the basic elements needed to communicate effectively. Second, how the basic elements of effective communication differ from the rules of health care in communication. Third, how might a provider encourage a reluctant consumer to communicate candidly; and in what ways might cultural differences influence communication with one’s audience?. There are five basic elements that need to be incorporated if one is to communicate effectively; first is the sender, second, the message, third the receiver, fourth the medium, and fifth is the feedback. Basic elements of communication are clear and concise and usually interpersonal; where basic rules of healthcare communication are considered as collaborative efforts. In order for a provider to encourage a reluctant consumer to communicate candidly he, or she, must begin by being honest. Honesty and openness with a consumer gives the provider the ability to show they are kindhearted and easy going which can make a person feel comfortable so they can be more candid when they speak. Cultural differences influence communication mainly because of language barriers. In order to have effective communication it is desirable for a person to have a basic knowledge of cultural variables

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