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This outline was intended for a personal opinion and persuasive speech. Information and Facts contained in this paper were gathered from the research of others. These are my own opinions and a summary of others opinions on the topic and research in order to convince the audience of my findings. Comm 222 Outline Title: Music Downloading Main Points: Music is always surrounding us Distribution Artist Rights Jeff Tweedy Theft and Lost Sales Samplers and The Radio New Discoveries Thesis: People should be able to download music for free. Downloading can actually help the music industry rather than destroy it. Introduction: Music has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. People can relate to the words, feelings and emotions that are put into each song. From happy to sad, angry to excited. Music can help relieve stress, bring back memories, and can be motivational, inspirational and spark creativity. This relation is what makes music as popular as it is. Needless to say, music is, in a way, a life necessity. Why should people have to pay for a life necessity? I. Music is constantly surrounding us. a. It is the radio, b. Behind every movie, television and commercial. c. It is playing in stores and in restaurants, d. Either conscience or unconsciously, 98 % of people have a song playing back in their minds according to an article study in the New York Times Magazine. II. The progressions of distributing music. e. Thomas Edison can be the one to thank in order for making it possible to distribute music around the world for millions of listeners. i. He invented the phonograph in 1877 which was one of the first ways of distributing sound f. Listeners today now have their music stored on the computer, where each individual song is a file. With the help

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