Communication Misunderstanding Assignment

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Rocco Chapter 1 - Assignment 1.1 BCOM/275: BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS AND CRITICAL THINKING April 23rd, Monday 2012 Geri Markley Chapter 1 - Assignment 1.1 Misunderstanding 1 Who was the sender? | Rocco | Who was the receiver? | Manager | What was the message? | Determine if network devices were PCI compliant | What channel was used to send the message? | Excel worksheet, Verbal conversation via telephone | What was the misunderstanding that occurred? | Determination if network devices were PCI compliant | How could the misunderstanding have been avoided? | More experienced manager needed to determine if controls met compliance controls | Legend: Company X (purchaser) Company Y (purchasee) 1. What did you learn about the communication process from this activity? * This was my first project with PCI controls with a client who was being acquired by another company. PCI controls are very specific and detailed. I was chosen for this project for my attention to detail and understanding of network devices, routers, firewalls etc. * Through detailed, verbal meetings with Company X network team, it was determined all network devices monitored and audited by (X) were PCI compliant. Therefore I began completion of each sample documentation examples requiring the review of network device configurations as complete. The verbiage read as “All audits and controls are compliant by Company X. No further documentation required. * The manager sat across from me at the client site in which we had several conversations to determine if my documentation was the standard she was looking for. The manager was rushed and at first and follow up, quick reviews, it seemed ok. * After spending 2 weeks with the PCI controls, I brought to the attention of the manager some controls required additional review of configurations and documentation such

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