Communication Is Key In Marriage Essay

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Communication Is Key in Marriage Anthony Bargallo COM 200 Interpersonal Communication Dr. Sara Marcus September 5, 2011 Dear Fred & Wilma, Congratulations on the news of your recent engagement. I could not be more thrilled for both of you. Thank you for reaching out to me for advice on communication. Since we last talked I have almost completed my Interpersonal Communication course. I am happy to share what I have learned which to say the least is tons. First and foremost, you have already taken the biggest step there is by making a serious commitment to one another by devoting your lives to each other. One of what may be the hardest task to undertake now is being able to disclose yourself to one another. Self disclosure can be a difficult task for many because it causes you to completely open yourself up to another person who comes with both risks and benefits. The benefits of this are completely giving oneself to another. This brings out a deep emotional side which you are allowing another person access to your heart unconditionally with complete trust. That trust brings risk. When there is an argument or a disagreement you are at great risk of the other person hurting you emotionally which can be very painful. So much has been shared, deepest thoughts, feelings, fears and flaws. However, by the two of you making the decision to marry you will, if you have not already, both make these disclosures to each other equally. If you do not self disclose yourself to the one you have committed your life to you should consider why. I believe that it is very important to have a good self concept of oneself before you are able to disclose yourself completely. Good self image will help you significantly with your relationship. Feeling good about you builds good self esteem. Good self esteem

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