Communication Integration Essay

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INTRODUCTION In this assignment I will be discussing communication in an organisation and the origins and major emphases of different fields of communication which will cover public relations, marketing communications and organisational communication, I will proceed and discuss the different strategic role of communication then go on to discuss the rationale for integrating organisation’s communications where I’ll get in-depth explaining with examples on the subjects of strategy communication , communication strategy and communication of strategy, I will close by making a comprehensive Discussion on the historical development of communication integration , lastly then naming and discussing in detail the five junctures of intervention QUESTION 1 Communication in the organisation 1.1 The origins and major emphases of communication 1.1.1 Public relations Public relations is considered a 20th century phenomenon; however, it has its roots in ancient times (Seitel,2011) and it is as a practical means of generating favourable publicity and interest in a topic, product or event. It was primarily practised as one-way persuasive communication, which still happens currently according to G.Angelopulo & R.Baker( 2013:18). As a result, public relations have had and will most probably retain problems of credibility, even though the majority of public relations scholars and professionals are ethical, credible and able. Despite its origins as one-way communication, public relations is today most commonly approached as ‘participative dialogue’ or two-way communication and it’s an organisational exists as a business process and, in many cases, as a distinct department or unit within and also exists as a business process and, in many cases, as a distinct department or unit within an organisation. Academically, it has been studied and taught
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