Communication Integration Essay

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TABLE OF CONTEXT INTRODUCTION 2 1 COMMUNICATION INTERGRATION PROCESSES 2 1.1 Duncan and Moriarty’s 10 drivers of integration 2 1.2 Approaches to the application of corporate identity 3 1.3 Communication integration management 3 2 INTEGRATED COMMUNICATION MEASUREMENT 4 2.1.1 The Integrated marketing audit (IM) and the stakeholder relationship audit 4 2.1.2 Benefits of IM audit and stakeholder relationship audit 4 2.2 Strengths and opportunities of the evaluation of integration communication 4 with traditional and online research methods 2.3 Launching a communication integration initiative by referring to the 5 communication model of Ehlers. CONCLUSION 6 References 6 6 INTRODUCTION It is truth that integrated marketing communication is not just meant for the promotion of a product but also to improve contacts with already existing loyal customers and stakeholders. In the pages to follow I aim to bring to attention the relevance of integrated communication and how companies can evaluate and conduct different researches to evaluate the successes and failures of their communication integration efforts in the past and present. One of the objectives of integrated communications is to attain synergy by combining all the aspects of the communication functions. COMMUNICATION AND INTERGRATION PROCESSES 1.1 As the communication director of a retail company, I use Duncan and Moriarty’s 10 drivers of integration to ensure the company’s communication is integrated. There are 3 focus pillars that are implemented when integrating the company’s communication namely, the corporate focus, the operational focus and the organisational infrastructure focus. Relating to Corporate focus; One of our values at the company is to ‘create and nourish relationships rather than just making
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