communication in tv show scrubs

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In Scrubs episode “My Happy Place”, viewers are able to relate levels of communication to various scenes in the episode. One scene in particular, where J.D. narrates the interaction between Kelso, Ted and the employees in the hospital coffee shop, thoroughly depicts the Intrapersonal contextual level as well as that of Public. The utilization of these language issues help viewers further analyze the interactions amongst Ted, Kelso and J.D.’s narrations. Professor Mullen describes Intrapersonal communication a form of communication done amongst oneself (thoughts, writing etc.)(lecture 1). J.D. the main character of the show is a consistent narrator through out the series executing his role in a manor in which the scenes are played out like a story with the additional commentary of J.D.’s personal thoughts. J.D.’s narrative voice is considerably accommodating in the sense that it is both very clear and commentator like. In this instance, he actually begins by describing the history behind Kelso, the main focus of discussion in this scene. When the scene begins, J.D. and friend Elliot are already sitting down at the hospital’s coffee shop when Kelso, a retired doctor enters the shop. Viewers are then allowed into J.D.’s thoughts where he resultantly says, “...maybe it was the free muffins for life but Doctor Kelso still hangs out here every day.” From J.D.’s deliverance of this line, the audience sees J.D.’s comically sarcastic nature. In fact, his intrapersonal narration that is used frequently throughout the show gives the comic relief that defines the show. Also, because the Intrapersonal technique is utilized in this specific situation along with others, viewers are exposed to intimate thoughts that in any other circumstance would not be revealed. Before Kelso is confronted by Ted, he enters the shop going about his daily routine. From his light hearted
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