Communication in the Organisation Essay

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SIGNED DECLARATION 1 INTRODUCTION 3 2 COMMUNICATION IN THE ORGANISATION 3 2.1 Origins and major emphasis on the following fields of communication 3 2.1.1 Corporate communication 3 2.1.2 Public relations 3 2.1.3 Marketing communications 3 2.1.4 Organisational communication 4 2.2 Strategic role of communication under the following headings 4 2.2.1 Strategy communication 4 2.2.2 Communication strategy 4 2.2.3 Communication of strategy 5 3 THE RATIONALE FOR INTEGRATING ORGANISATIONS’ COMMUNICATION 5 3.1 A definition of communication integration 5 3.2 Historical development of communication integration 5 3.3 Reasons for move towards integrated perspective 7 3.4 Integration of communication for Talkative 7 3.5 Five junctures of intervention 9 4 CONCLUSION 9 SOURCES CONSULTED 10 1 INTRODUCTION Firstly, communication in the organisation is looked at. Origins of different fields of communication are explored with reference to corporate communication, public relations, marketing communications and organisational communication. The strategic role of communication is looked at with explanations of strategy communication, communication strategy and communication of strategy. Next, the rationale for integrating organisation’s communication is explored. A definition of communication integration is given, followed by the historical development, after which the reasons for the move towards an integrated perspective are
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