Communication In The Global Context Essay

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Personal Communication Gaps: According to O'Rourke, "Communication experts have established the fact that less than a third of the meaning transferred from one person to another in a personal conversation comes from the spoken words. The majority of meaning comes from nonverbal sources, including body movement; eye contact; gestures; posture; and vocal tone, pitch, pacing, and phrasing" (O'Rourke, p. 251). According to the results from the skill test I have gaps in the area pertaining to strategic feedback. Feedback determines the "reaction of the audience", knowing I've "communicated successfully", and that my audience does "understand the subject" (O'Rourke, p.29). If I fail to pay proper attention to how my message is received, I will not have the feedback I need to determine my next plan of action, or when I have to communicate again. This aspect is crucial to organizational communication and leadership. The organizational level of communication is "when we communicate with one another in the context of an organization, sending and receiving messages through various layers of authority, using various message systems, discussing various topics of interest to the group we belong to or the company we work for" (O'Rourke, p.27). In order for advancement in my career, I have to prove that I will be able to not only accurately communicate with my fellow co-workers, but achieve the final results by motivating my audience to act on my message. This trait is important in organization communication for multiple reasons, whether they be every day tasks or crisis situations. A person of management level much have the skilled preparation to handle those communications, and all that is in between. How to Improve: The saying "practice makes perfect" is one way to look at improving my skill set for communication. Continuing what I do well in regards to reading non-verbal

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