Communication in Office Space the Movie

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Office Space starts off with a very comedic take on the average white collar workers everyday life. It shows the drone and frustration of traffic and bosses that do not ever listen. Peter Gibbons, Michael Bolton, and Samir Nagheenanjar are the three main characters, they work at Initech, and all have high levels of dislike for their job. Peter Gibbons goes through a hypnotherapy that leaves him with not a care in the world, literally. After a week of barely showing up to work, and going on spontaneous dates with the local waitress, Peter finds that he is going to be promoted, while Samir and Michael are going to be laid off. The layoffs lead Peter to convince Michael to infect the work computers, with Samir’s help, with a virus that would secretly steal money from the company. This goes terribly wrong when Michael misplaces a decimal and instead of fractions of a penny going missing, full dollars go missing. When Peter goes to turn in his confession, fully knowing he is going to go to jail, he finds the office in a much unexpected state. Milton, the worker who had been laid off five years ago, but no one had told him, was finally fed up with being walked all over and set the building on fire, something he had muttered about before. This movie is an extremely funny movie for the fact that many can relate to not liking their job, and the frustration of bad communication. In the work place communication is one of the biggest factors of how well you do not mind coming in to the office every day. A few of the themes of communication, and the errors that this office hold are interpersonal skills, leadership, verbal communication, and listening behaviors. Interpersonal skills The biggest part of a workplace, is working with others. And to do that in a positive manner a worker needs to have good interpersonal skills. When everyone has good interpersonal skills they

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