Communication in Marriages Essay

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Communication in Marriages Ashley Brooks COM200: Interpersonal Communication Professor Kara Brunson March 19, 2012 Can I relate to the article on self-disclosure in relationships? If so, explain what specifically I could relate to and provide examples of my own experiences. If not, what has my experience been regarding self-disclosure in my intimate relationships? I can somewhat relate to this article. This is because the last relationship that I was in with my soon to be ex-husband, I had self-disclosure because I was scared to tell him exactly how I felt or was going through. The reason being is because when I did tell him things like that his reaction was very frightening and sometimes led to violent outburst. Do I agree that self-disclosure is important and directly related to satisfaction in relationships? Why or why not? Yes and no. I say yes because in some relationships self-disclosure could prove to be very important if the information being withheld could really hurt the other person. Also, sometimes there are some things that your partner may not need to know. There is this saying my great grandmother use to say all the time “never let your right hand know what your left hand is doing”. I believe that pertains to this subject. I am saying no self-disclosure is not important and directly related to satisfaction in relationships because if you cannot trust your partner to be able to tell them any and everything then maybe that relationship should not be. I strongly feel that in a relationship that is “meant to be” than each partner should feel comfortable with telling the other partner everything that they may be feeling or going through because they will be able to understand and maybe even help. What about gender differences? Although research has found differences in gender communication, it has also found similarities. What kind of

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