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Communication in Marriages William Bowles COM200 Ms. Williams May 30, 2011 Communication in Marriage There are many great points made in the article written by Nara Schoenberg entitled “Can we talk? Researcher talks about the role of communication in marriages.” Nowadays, many marriages struggle to remain strong and often fall apart without the individuals involved realizing there is even an issue until it is too late. There are many key ingredients for a health marriage, but among the top few are quality communication, self-disclosure, and “affectionate affirmation”, or letting your partner know that they are loved (Schoenberg 2011). From personal experience, I know that self-disclosure is very important as the relationship grows into something more. Being able to tell someone your deepest fears and worries not only shows them how much you trust and care for them, but it also allows you to let someone else dear to you help carry your burdens. These types of conversations bring people much closer together, as they are sharing an intimate conversation about some of the most important feelings they have. I have had a relationship or two fall apart because I did not feel that I could trust my partner enough to talk about these intimate topics, and I believe they felt the same. While self-disclosure is usually intentional, however “you can self-disclose unconsciously and nonverbally as well” (Sole 2011). There have also been instances where I did not wish to self-disclose my personal feelings on a situation, but I did so non-verbally without knowing it. While men and women are different when it comes to relationships, they have many similarities also. Men may be more responsive to gestures of affirmation while women react more to verbal affirmation, but both genders have a great desire to know that their partner truly cares about them (Schoenberg 2011).

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