Communication In Marriage

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Final Paper Outline Rita Wynn COM 200 Selena Smith June 29, 2011 Dear Newlyweds, Marriage is a wonderful thing to have. Either a marriage can be good or it can be bad. Communication plays a major role in the outcome of a marriage. However, there can be many ways to use interpersonal communication effectively. If interpersonal communication is used effectively and wisely, there should be a strong marriage with good communication. While having strong interpersonal relationships do not lead to a happy marriage, being verbal and communicating often on a daily basis may lead to a strong marriage and may have certain barriers such as having effective interpersonal interactions, the impact of gender and culture on interpersonal communication, and words have the power to create and affect attitudes, behavior, and perception. Being verbal and communicating often on a daily basis may lead to a strong marriage because gender and culture have an impact on interpersonal communication. The way we address each other has something to do with our gender. Depending on gender, we may communicate differently. However, culture can play a big role in interpersonal communication as well. According to (Sole, 2011), “People are often unaware of how culture influences their behavior and their communication, but it pervades almost every aspect of the lives of people in a society.” The way we talk reflects our culture. Culture depends on accent, morals, values, and manners. Many cultures address differently due to manners learned. “Cultural diversity can enrich a society by bringing in new ideas, new perspectives, and new ways of doing things”, (Sole, 2011). Everyone has a culture. Depending on your culture and surroundings, it may cause us to communicate differently. Some cultures tend to be strict on morals, values, manners, etc. So however we were taught we will continue

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