Communication In K-12 Essay

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Americans have an affair with leadership of today because we consistently hear: let’s elect him or her, we need him because we know he will take us where we need to be, she will take charge (Sergiovanni, 1999). The truth of the matter is the idea of developing a leader or describing the qualities of a leader is constantly tossed back and forth. During this period of economic instability, there are many organizational changes throughout many companies. During some changes employees must be able to determine what the new goals are, how do they fit into organizational changes and how to focus on what is best for the employees professionally within the company. While organizational structure sometimes has a positive outcome, there will also be resistance when an organization makes adjustments or changes. Individuals become resistance to change when management tries to implement a new change in an ever changing Information Technology organization where, we live in a society where technology is changing on constant bases. Managers can easily identify resistance with individuals. Fear is the reason why so many individuals feel threatened with change in an organization because they feel that change will impact them negatively. I know this to be true because in my current organization there was talk of changes that could impact the positions of each individual that make up the department. The resistance was mostly felt by individuals that have worked in the same department for many years and for the older employees. The older employees felt as though they would be the first ones to go versus the younger employees. Individuals that resist change are concerned with what is currently the precedence of that organization. Individuals that fear change will not recognize the incontrovertible of the organization. Change that will cut against the grain of the organization’s

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