Communication in Health and Social Care Unit 1 Nvq 2

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Understand why communication is important in adult social care settings In all aspects of life we will communicate with each other for various reasons and without communication we would not be able to build relationships with those around us. We are able to express a variety of emotions to let others know how the person is feeling and what they want for example what they would like to have to eat. Questions can be answered and we can find out various things such as menu options. Communication is a way that we can socialise with each other and share our experiences together. In health and social care you will not work on your own; there will always be someone that you are interacting with. This can be the clients, colleagues, managers and other professional workers in some form. The communication needs to be effective for a number of reasons. It will minimise someone misunderstanding you which could lead to tasks being carried out incorrectly. It can show that you have understood what the person has said to you to meet their needs. This can then build on relationships you have with these individuals and can also build on your current skills and knowledge. When you communicate with someone, you will need to see if that person has actually understood what information you have communicated and they can do this by reacting. They can use verbal communication to answer to you and if they haven’t understood they may be silent. They can use body language such as nodding their head to agree. Understand how to meet the communication and language needs, wishes and preferences of an individual Not everyone you come into contact with will want to communicate in the same way. You will need to find out their preferred method of communication as they could speak a different language or just have a preferred method to use. This may be based on their beliefs and values,
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