Communication in Health and Social Care Essay

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One to one One to one conversations are when you start speaking to someone that you know very well or someone that you have never met before. When you are having a conversation with someone you should always try and remember to create the right kind of feelings, so that the person feels relaxed and is happy talking to you. Group A group is when three or more people discuss the same topic. But a group discussion only works well if the members of the group want to be involved in the conversation. Formal Health and social care work often involves the need for formal communication, because if you say “Hello” or “Good morning” to someone it shows that you have respect for other people. Informal Informal communication often occurs when you are speaking to your friends and family. Verbal Verbal communication is when someone communicates a message verbally to another person. Questioning Questioning in communication is when a person asks another person questions. This type of communication may be used in hospitals, for example, a Doctor or a Nurse could ask questions to their patients like, “Are you feeling better?”, or “Would you like anything for the pain?” By doing this it shows the patient that you are a caring person. Nodding in agreement Nodding your head in agreement is a form of body language and shows a person that you agree with them. Shaking your head in disagreement Shaking your head in disagreement is also a form of body language and shows to a person that you disagree with them. Making eye contact It is important to make eye contact in communication because by looking at your eyes people can tell whether you are upset or excited. Smiling Smiling is a facial expression. It shows people that you are going to be there for them or that you are happy to see them. Frowning Frowning is also a facial expression. By frowning it can show a person
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