Communication in Health and Social Care Organisations.  Essay

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| Communication in Health and Social Care Organisations. | | | |Learning outcome 1.1-1.4 | | | |Group #29 | |Velova Lissette Gumbs | |ID #P1005006 | | | Every human being communicates. Communication is a vital part of the Health and Social Care organisation. In this essay we will explore the relevant theories of communication, the use of communication skills, methods of handling inappropriate interpersonal communication between individuals and analyse the strategies used to support service users with specific communication needs who will at one time or another will access the Health and Social Care organisation. The Health and Social Care organisation has four related theories, which are used by care professionals. These theories are humanistic, behaviorist, cognitive, psychoanalytical. Humanistic theory believes that all humans are good, while the cognitive theory is the study of how people think, perceive the world, learn and remember. Behavioral therapy has two distinct strands. The first is classical conditioning which was developed by Ivan Pavlov. Pavlov realized that his dog began to salivate in response to the sound of a bell because the dog had linked the sound of the bell to meal time.
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