Communication in Health and Social Care Essay

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People communicate to express their needs, preferences, share ideas, build up relationships, socialize, to express their feelings, ask questions to converse and share experiences. There are three main forms of communication VERBAL Verbal communication involves speaking and listening good verbal skills involve clear speaking and active listening Active listening allows you to respond appropriately to the other person to be an active listener you need to concentrate on what the person is saying noting their tone of voice and underlying messages the things they leave out you should have all your attention on that person using ears and eyes. NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION These are messages you give out with your body and facial expressions. People can sometimes take more notice of this than the spoken word like saying hello I’m pleased to see you and having a solemn expression. BEHAVIOURAL COMMUNICATION Communication can sometimes be part of your behavior like not greeting someone when you walk in the room gives that person a message or not including someone in a conversation can give that person a message just a smile gives a message. Without effective communication in a care setting the client would not get the level of care needed communication is very important to be able to understand what the client needs, requires and prefers this includes active listening as well as communication it is also important on the care workers part to make the client feel comfortable at ease and give reassurance this also requires different forms of communication not only verbal using body language tone of voice touch and facial expression. It is important to observe clients reactions like body language and facial expression this can tell you a lot. Happy, sad, in pain, uncomfortable, embarrassed, calm stressed angry etc. people transmit information constantly
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