Communication in Happy Mariages Essay

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Communication in Happy Marriages Patrick Thompson COM200: Interpersonal Communication Instructor Debra Austin May 20th, 2012 I believe that communication is very important in not just marriages but also when you are dating. If you do not know the person that you are dating or married to then I believe that the relationship would be setting up to fail. I can say that my fiancée and I have decent conversations but I am pretty sure that there is a lot more that we could learn about each other. Due to the lack of conversation between my fiancée and me early on in our relationship, there were hardships. After almost coming to a breaking point we had to learn how to conversate in a way that didn’t come off as hostile or not actually hearing what the other person is saying or trying to say. It got to be so bad for me that I was always yelling instead of sitting down and trying to have a simple conversation. For her she didn’t want to be yelled at, so she even stopped trying to talk to me. I would have to say that I do agree that self-disclosure is important in any kind of relationship. For instance, if I never realized that I was an alcoholic I would have never of met my fiancée or anyone for that matter. I have had previous relationships but they were just based around the partying and drinking. With me getting help with my problem I now have a wonderful family. Usually we have different styles of communication, but what we want in the end is the same thing. Like with our kids she prefers to speak to the kids if they are doing something wrong and will ground them if need be. She likes to ground them for a day if it isn’t something to serious which I do agree on with that. If it something more serious I believe it should be a week. Even though she tends to be more lenient with them, we come to an agreement and then enforce it together. From the answers

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