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Hung Nguyen When you run a business, communication comes as an integral part of the package. Effective communication plays a part in whether your business thrives or tanks. As a business owner, you often have to deal with unhappy customers more often than customers with positive comments. Those customers repay you buy returning time after time. To keep your business afloat, you must be able to please the unhappy customers in a way that benefits both of you. That means you may have to make a sacrifice for future gain. As a small business owner of 24+ years, my step-father Lawrence Hancock, has been running a successful foreign car garage called “German Auto Services” since 1988 in Saco, ME. Recently he has adopted a website in order to promote online as well. As a small-business owner, like many others, he’s had to endure the slow but steady increase in revenue at the beginning of the business’s life. In order to keep that increase from plateauing, he says “You’ve got to be able to hold a conversation.” One of the things he prides himself on is being able to entice the customer into believing that coming to his business is the right choice. He states that when dealing with customers, “nothing’s more effective than talking face to face with them; nothing for either of us to hide behind.” He says that things get done quicker that way and both parties can move on with their lives. When running a car business, face to face meetings are usually the norm for communicating, initially, anyways. If someone has a problem with a job that his mechanics have done, he always “ask them to bring the car in so we can take a look. That way we can handle the business aspect of it, as well.” He says that telephone communication is normal for returning customers because they usually just want to set-up an appointment to bring in the vehicle. Phone communication is vital because

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