Communication in an Interview Essay

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Communication in an interview, importance in business communication, 6 stages of an interview process Introduction Despite living in such a technologically reliant world, person to person communication is a key asset to any businessperson. The first building block to anyone’s career; the interview, can be a terrible experience without the proper verbal and non-verbal communication skills that one has to develop.This report will explain the various verbal and non-verbal cues that interviewers can pick up on during an interview. These communication skills aren’t just needed in an interview, they’re needed for the rest of your career in business and this report will explain how to apply them. Having the necessary communication skills to properly conduct yourself in an interview is critical, but having the knowledge to understand the interview process is another important aspect. There are six stages to the interview process; Im not sure what they are, can someone put them in for me? It is a great advantage to having this knowledge because you’ll then be able to prepare for an interview for your chosen career. Verbal Communication Verbal communication refers to the use of language and sounds to depict a message. In an interview, displaying effective verbal communication skills is key to getting your foot in the door. Verbal communication allows one to properly express their ideas, desires and concepts that are critical to stand out during the interview process. In combination with non-verbal communication, verbal communication acts as the primary tool to properly express oneself to another individual or within a group or team. ``According to Robert M. Krauss, professor of psychology at Columbia University, signs and symbols are the major signals that make up verbal communication. Words act as symbols, and signs are secondary products of the underlying

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