Communication Gap In Health Care

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Communication Opinion Paper Daronza Harris HSC 320 January 12, 2015 Tricia Tran Communication Opinion Paper There is a gap in communication between health care professional and consumers, there are cultural diversities that surely affect health care because there is a breakdown in health care communication and there have been studies done supporting and proving there is a communication breakdown. The conversion of the idea into words is known as encoding (Cheesebro, 2010). Communication is a process of passing information and understanding from one person to another. Communication aids in bridging the gap between societies who have a misinterpretation, or knowledge deficit. The basic elements of communication involves the transfer and processing of messages that are sent and received. Effective communication involves more than just understanding information, it also involves the understanding of the thoughts, feelings, and body language, as well as the…show more content…
Health care professionals can help bridge this gap, by taking the autonomy of adapting and setting standards and practices in offices, and with consumers. This can be a model to help other professionals bridge the communication gap in health care. References Block, D. (2003). The Social Turn in Second Lanuguage Acquisition. Edinburg: Edinburg University Press. Cheesebro, T., & O'Connor, L. R. (2010). Communicating in the workplace. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall. Du Pre, A. (2005). Communicating about health: Current issues and perspectives (2nd ed.). Boston: McGraw Hill. Lyons, J. (1996). Om competence and performance and related notions. In Brown, G, Malmkjaer, K, Williams, J (Eds). Performance and competence in Second Language Acquisition,
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