Communication Channels Scenarios Essay

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Communication Channels Scenarios MGT/521 Communication Channels Scenarios The focus of this paper is to evaluate the three communication channel scenarios wherein business managers are put to the task of making affective decisions that will impact the future of each of their perspective companies. In order for this to occur, each business manager will need to select suitable communication channels so as to be effective. Conversely, with the intention of a favorable result, the earnestness and conditions of these scenarios may perhaps dictate most fitting communication channel. As a result, “communication must include both the transfer and the understanding of meaning” (Robbins & Judge, 2011.) Scenario I In this first scenario the vice president of operations has requested that the team develop a new stratagem to bring a new beverage into the global marketplace; with only one week to bring a strategy to about. It is this writer’s opinion that the best communication channel for this situation would be that of a face to face presentation rather than through e-mail due to the fact that while e-mail is quick and easily stored, they have their limitations and drawbacks such as misunderstandings and misrepresentations. The communication channel used to convey the strategy to the vice president of operations would be formal, and face-to-face rather than e-mail. Written communication, such as e-mail can be quickly written, edited, and stored; but has significant drawbacks and limitations such as misinterpretation. With a face to face presentation, visual aids like those seen through the use of a PowerPoint presentation can provide alternatives wherein the company can be delivered to not only local operations but to foreign markets as well. Scenario II This scenario a manager of a large travel agency consisting of 11 direct reports; said manager has been
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