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I work in a health care setting and most of my workplace communication channels are both written verbal and nonverbal communication search as * Email * Face-to-face meeting * telephone * fax * memo * letters * Patients body expressions E-mail is a fast and efficient channel most frequently utilized in my workplace to communicate not only internally but also externally search as getting in touch with doctors, different department heads and keeping every person connected with the organization up-to-date with what is happening in the business. This channel is used because most doctors work off the facility, and emails allow them to respond to any medical issue that is bought to their attention in a timely manner. When sending a medical communication memo or email, computerized communication of words is preferred. It helps to obtain messages throughout the organization more rapidly than sending the message in normal font. Face-to Face meetings are more calm and supportive, this form of communication is very effective because employees are a part of the process. The process entails, collaborating, problem solving, and allowing for clarity and precision on what is discussed in the email about any progression or issues in the business. Latters communication is used to keep the patients informed about their plan of care and any updates of what is to come in the future. Nonverbal communication search as patients body expressions helps to transfer signals from patients to care givers for change in health condition. For example a person may be in pain and may not say it but may show facial grimacing, tense body language, for example if a nurse tries to take the person’s blood pressure and they are so tense, you can't pull their arm up, it is a sign of pain. Moaning, sleeping all the time, combative with care and elevated respirations/blood

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