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The American Red Cross utilizes many channels of communication such as phone calls, word of mouth, social media, public service announcements, and media sources, like broadcasting stations and internet television. American Red Cross integrates communication from a central command area to all areas of the organization through email, phone, mobile-phones, PDA's, Skype, peer to peer, and through vertical hierarchy. (American Red Cross, 2011) Mobile phones, social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, texting are all ways of implementing newer technologies into disaster preparedness. “The Internet is cited frequently as an important component for information-sharing during the emergency phase of disasters.” (Enhancing community-based disaster, 2011) The American Red Cross methods of is disseminating health information with internal and external organizations is through the use of volunteers, activists, American Red Cross employees, and through many schools, especially colleges and universities. “The American Red Cross works to build the capacities of our partner Red Cross and Red Crescent societies by strengthening their leadership, financial management, volunteer networks and technical capabilities. We also work with our partners to train and organize volunteers and educate communities – empowering them with the skills and knowledge they need to help themselves.”(American Red Cross, 2011) To ensure internally and externally that the representation of the American Red Cross is handled properly the rules and regulations within and outside organizations are updated appropriately “the Board of Governors and reviewed periodically to ensure they continue to meet the needs of the organization and reflect current industry best practices.” (American Red Cross, 2011) The communication channels with the American Red Cross does not need to be changed per

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