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Communication Channels Strayer University MGT 505 [ August 12, 2012 ] Diana Echols Communication Channels Bobby Johnson is tasked with organizing the retirement gathering for friend and co-worker Joe Banyon. He drafted a quick email to inform 50 people that the party in Joe’s honor would be the upcoming Friday. However, Bobby failed to utilize his effective writing skills, delivering an email lacking many details as well as posing many questions from 50 others in receipt of his email. The Errors Only to assume that Bobby may have been in a hurry, and lacking experience in the party planning aspect. He forgot one of the most important features of the letter and that is the date the party will take place. He did mention that it would be on Friday at 6pm but an emailed memo should serve as a reference for future planning and scheduling. Another important factor is that he assumed that everyone in receipt of the email would know what and where City Café’ is located. Possible questions that would accompany this issue are: if the party offers a full course dinner or just drinks and also if the spouses are invited as well. Also, requesting monetary contributions from attendees without details as to how this contribution will utilized in order for recipients to determine how much to offer. In closing “ASAP” is not an acceptable phrase when seeking a response it can be interpreted as an unclear directive. Due to the excessive errors and lack of details Bobby can expect to spend the next day or so sorting through emails and phone calls with questions detailing the retirement party. I would also assume that he will eventually draft another email filled with pertinent information for the 50 individuals attending. The New Email TO: Bobby Johnson SUBJECT: Retirement Party Hello fellow co-workers, as you all know Joe Banyon will be retiring next month and in lieu

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