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COMMUNICATION CHANNELS USED IN AIR UNIVERSITY PROJECT OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION INTRODUCTION This project “communication channels used in Air University” as apparent from the name, is about the communication channels that are used in Air University. It dealt with the rate of recurrence of their use. However, for our handiness we enclosed (de-limited) it from Air University to the Business Administration department. In this project one will come across important terminologies for example, vertical and lateral communication, chain network, circle network and all channel networks. Vertical Communication consists of communication up and down the organization’s chain of command. Downward communication starts with top management and flows down through management levels to line workers and non-supervisory personnel. The major purposes of downward communication are to advise, inform, direct, instruct, and evaluate employees and to provide organization members with information about organizational goals and policies. An all-channel network is found in teams. Teamwork is characterized with high levels of intense communication. Each team member communicates with every other member. Information flows in all directions. Computer programs are often utilized to maintain effective communication in teams due to their efficiency. The hypothesis of this project, as mentioned in proposal was: “Communication channels are used frequently in Air University’s Business Administration department”. The scope of this project is to identify the communication channels being used in Air University and to elaborate upon the frequency of their use. The project area of the research was the Business Administration department. We have dealt with different aspects; like the communication channels being used among students, faculty members, admin staff, PA to dean, the dean of the

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