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Communication Channel Scenarios Paper University of Phoenix MGT/521 September 19, 2011 Communication Channel Scenarios Scenario 1 In Scenario 1, as the marketing manager charged by the VP of operations to take a new beverage into the global market. It is my responsibility to communicate the direction given along with my plan and strategy to my direct team. Initially, I would use downward face to face communication to explain the new beverage project, provide targeted goals, expectations, and SWOT analysis. Though this type of communication, feedback is not solicited. Direction is given and to the group to be carried out as the manager sees fit. Once the strategy is finalized, upward communication will need to be used in order to communicate the global strategy back to the VP of operations. Scenario 2 In Scenario 2, as the manager of a large travel agency, with 11 direct reports and a major issue with the overall company login and password. I would use a phone conversation as the initial communication channel to reach the IT department. With the use of the phone it’s easier to get hold of someone directly and resolve a matter. After the IT department provides the login and password in an effort to communicate the new login and password all at once, electronic mail communication channel will be utilized. Scenario 3 In Scenario 3, as the owner of an editing company, with 10 direct reports, and a critical need to reduce the workload the communication channel that will work best for this situation is through a internal letter. Internal letters will work in the case because discreetly this important information is issued in a soft copy form to the employees. In this fashion there is no room for a lack of communication and employees can’t say that they didn’t hear the communication (Robbins, S. P., 2011) References Robbins, S. P., & Judge,

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