Communication Channel Scenarios Essay

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Communication Channel Scenarios Pedro E. Grave de Peralta MGT/521 Thursday, April 25, 2012 Dr. Thomas Wilson Communication Channel Scenarios The Communication Channel Scenarios assignment reflects how the information flows n within an organization professionally, efficiently, and ethically. After all, “Individuals spend nearly 70 percent of their waking hours communicating-writing, reading, speaking and listening” in their personal and business world. (Robins, Judge, 2010. P.342) Because scenario number one presents high priority, there is no time for misunderstandings. Oral communication should be applied, by calling an immediate staff meeting to relay the challenge to overcome. Explain the new product to the team, brainstorm possible approaches to make the project successful. It is important to make every team member think that their opinions are equally important to the success of the project. To convey the strategy to the vice president face to face form of communicationis the ideal choice. . The imperative need of attention to this matter, and lack of risk tolerance makes this communication channel is the most appropriate one. Scenario number two aroutine channel (changing both password and user name).Alerting an IT staff by phone or e-mail will be good choices in this situation. This form of communication ensures a prompt retrieve of the message and a possible quick feedback. If successful, the second phase will be to gather the employees for a quick meeting to explain to them what happened followed by a simple guide line to successfully re-access the program. A separate e-mail can be sent to those employees who did not attend work that day. This is the best channel of communication because face to face contact is achieved,and with the follow up e-mail the bullet points of the meeting are reaffirmed discarding any possible
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