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Communication Channel Scenario In today’s business world, effective communication skills are critical to be successful. Robbins and Judge state “communication must include both the transfer and understanding of meaning” (p.342). There are many communication channels available to convey your message such as: face-to-face, e-mails, phone call, forums, blogs, memos, text messages, and instant messages. It is critical to choose the best communication channel to convey your message and also be understood. In each scenario, there is a communication channel that is best to use in that situation. Scenario 1 The Vice President of Operations (VPO) assigned the task to the marketing manager to develop a strategy to enter this new beverage into the global market. The marketing manager needs to take this task back to his team to develop a marketing strategy for this new beverage. The manager will use downward communication with the team. Robbins and Judge (2011) stated “downward communication is used by managers communicating with employees to assign goals, provide job instructions, explain policies and procedures, point out problems that need attention, and offer feedback about performance” (p. 344). The best communication channel is oral face-to-face communication. The manager should schedule a face-to-face meeting with the team in to develop a marketing strategy for the new beverage, provide them with product details, goals of this project, expectations, delegate work between the team, and set up a deadline for the completion of the project. During face-to-face meetings the team can provide feedback quickly, brainstorm ideas, suggestions, and can bounce off ideas off each other. Robbins and Judge (2011) stated “the advantages of oral communication are speed and feedback” (p. 346). The manager and the team can convey his or her inputs and receive immediate

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