Communication Channe Scenarios Essay

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Communication channel scenarios Scenario I I will use face to face channel to communicate with my team. The main reason is we only have one week to develop the marketing strategy. Using face to face we can transmit the most information and get an immediate feedback (both verbal and nonverbal). I need to give them some memo with the product details, so there’s no missing information. In this case we are using 2 communication channels: face to face and memos. After developing the strategy with my team I would meet with the Vice President of Operations and give him a formal report. This is a formal way to present the results. He can analyze the results and write some comments on the report. Scenario II I have to contact the IT department by phone (telephone conversation). This is the fastest way to communicate with them, because the IT department is offsite. I should have the login information and passwords for my employees in the shortest period so they can keep working. I can’t stop the production in the agency. As soon as I got the new login names and passwords I would meet with my employees face to face. In a short meeting I will give them the new information and get them back to work immediately. Also I will give them a memo with all the information. Scenario III I have to explain my employees that business has been slow and the bills are pilling up in a meeting face to face. I would tell them I have done just about everything to cut costs but still unable to pay the bills. The last thing I can do is to reduce from 10 employees to 6. The human resources manager should meet alone with the 4 employees we are letting go. The manager should give to them letters explaining all the process, benefits,

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