Communication Can Be Difficult at Times Essay

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Communication can be difficult at Times Communication is something people and animals do all the time to be able to socialize with one another. If people and animals did not or were not able to communicate with each other one society would not be where we are today. People communicate with each other to let each other know how they feel, their beliefs, build relationships of all kinds, to heal and save others plus much more. Animals also need to communicate with each for the same reasons, to multiply, keep the population going, to feed and take care of their young, and to warn others when there is danger around. If there was no kinds of communication the world would be extinct. There are many different types of people in the world and they all have their own way of communicating with each other. Humans start to communicate with one another the second they are born. When the baby comes out of the mother’s womb the infant will start to cry and want to be held tightly by the mother. By the mother taking a hold of the baby it is reassuring the newborn he or she is safe. This is how communication starts. People have studied communications for years. One of the people who have studied communication is person was a Greek Philosopher named “Aristotle” (Trenholm, 2008).This philosopher had a theory about communication. There is the “Pathos, Ethos, and Logo’s”, (Trenholm, 2008). Each of the meanings is different way of communicating. The pathos is said to be the person ways of an emotional appeal when speaking to another person. When speaking they tend to try to persuade the other person through the arousal of emotions, they do this by making them cry or making them laugh. Then there is the ethos, this is where the person is speaking with credibility or with ethical appeal to the other person(s). The person speaking is trying to convince the other people
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