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Media Archaeology Week 3 My house is by no means a new home, it is a very old dwelling that over the years has had various improvements to both it’s exterior and interior. With each improvement there has been more thoughts into the incorporation of new technologies, as they have become popular items for the general household. When the most significant improvements were completed in my home (the addition of an extra living area and the expansion of the kitchen) it seemed inevitable that these upgrades required technology upgrades to fit in with the “modernized look & appeal”. In the Living Room another Television was added, and due to the lack of visibility of that television from the kitchen, a smaller flat screen was also installed in the Kitchen. Extra phone lines were also installed as a part of the improvements. Now almost every room has a television antenna port and this was a key improvement to the home as my parents were aware that they would have two teenage girls who would develop addictions to television box sets and corny television soaps. It is in this way that my home an original, 1930’s dwelling has developed due to the changing technological environment of the age we live in, which has not only adapted the entertainment value that my home holds but also the social value of the house. Evidently when the house was initially built the use we have for it today was not what they had in mind, homes did not hold the entertainment value that they now do, nor were homes ever designed to contain more than one television. The television experience of the post-war era was still a family pastime and was shared between the entire family. In most modern day homes there is more than one television and the experience is no longer a luxury but more of a necessity. This is one of the strongest examples of technological development within the one environment. My

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