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Essay talking about Communication in the work place: 1. Communication in the work place: Communication is diverse and it is made up of different aspects such as professional, communication, written, verbal and ICT technology. Communication is the most important skill that every individual requires in order to send information to an audience in most effective and efficient way. To communicate well someone need to receive information from a sender and interpret it correctly. To work with N.H.S someone needs to be a good communicator. Communication skills help health workers to communicate well with patient, work colleague and even senior management. 2. Verbal Communication: Verbal communication use words to represent ideas thoughts and feelings. A nurse choice of words, as well as the way they speak influences the effectiveness of their communication. The paces, tone, pitch and volume of the speaker’s voice are important. For a nurse it is easier a good idea to shout or talk so loudly to patient. This is because the patient will believe that the nurse is shouting at the patient. This kind of behaviour is likely to draw attention to other staff and other patient to think that specific nurse is lucking good communication skill. It is important for a nurse to have good communication skill so that she can be able to provide high quality to all patients and to avoid misunderstanding. A relaxed, encouraging and friendly tone of voice helps the speaker to convey warmth, sincerity and appropriate respect for the listeners. 3. Non-Verbal Communication: Written communication is the most effective way of communication. Writing a letter needs good literacy skill. A nurse need to able to write and to communicate well through written words and writing data record of a patient. This could be writing a letter to refer services user to a different services. To

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