Communication and Professional Relationships with Children, Young People and Adults Essay

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Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults. Effective communication is important to contribute to a positive and professional relationship. The way you communicate should be clear, strong and by using appreciate vocabulary suitable to whom you are communicating with. Always modelling effective communication and a positive relationship. This in turn sets the particular way in which we expect the pupils to communicate within the school. The principle of building relationships with children, young people and adults is so that all are comfortable in your presence. Making yourself approachable by pupils, colleagues and parents. By using effective communication together with positive body language are the key areas in building a positive relationship. Also demonstrating respect, consideration, showing a positive interest and communicating clearly. A smile when communicating to all is an effective way to support positive relationships. In your working day you will have to alter the way you communicate in context to the different situation you are in. Using formal or informal communication considering to whom and where you are communicating. You have also got to consider all cultures too. Always being polite and responding appropriately. The skills needed to communicate effectively with children and young people are to ensure you give a child opportunity to talk. Always listen with interest and a smile gives a positive reaction. Using appropriate vocabulary in context to the age of the child. Getting down to their level to maintain eye contact with younger children. Asking questions to show interest in what is being said and inviting the conversation to continue. Younger children may need more reassurance to give them the confidence to talk. Getting down to their level and they may initiate physical contact such as
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