Communication and Gender Essay

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Communication and Gender Everyone has a different style of communicating with other people. The way we communicate depends on several different factors: where we are from, our upbringing, education, age and gender. Generally speaking, men and women talk differently although there are changeable degrees of masculine and feminine speech characteristics in each of us. Both men and women speak and think in certain ways mainly due to the ways we associated things with our gender. Do men and women communicate differently, the answer is yes. Men often search for clear-cut solutions to problems and useful advice whereas women are inclined to establishing intimate relationships by discussing problems and showing concern. Some women perceive men as being egotistical and bossy, whereas men will perceive women as being unreasonable and insecure. Both genders create problems for themselves, because they fail to listen to each other. According to the book, Management Communications with Technology Tools, “Women often pay more attention to the kinds of relational messages..., while men often pay more attention to information on the content level” (165). Because men and women communicate differently communication barriers exist when communicating with the opposite gender. Women tend to focus on the tone of the speaker’s voice, whereas, men focus less on how it is said and more on the context of what is being said. In the workplace, these differences impact the way messages are sent and received, consequently causing communication breakdown, misunderstanding and major frustration. For example, a female supervisor seeks conversation from her male boss about a problem she is having with one of her employees. Her intent for the meeting is to inform her boss of the problem. Primarily, she would like for him to listen, however, he tells her how to handle the problem.

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