Communication And Communication: The Importance Of Communication In Communication

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Key Take Away: I. Introduction Unfortunately, I have never formally studied the art of presenting data via a presentation, speech, or a written paper. All my classes so far have never given me a proper toolbox for communicating with data - they have either already assumed I have those skills or have focused on other aspects of communication like MLA formatting, grammar, persuasion strategies, etc. Through those classes and the sheer experience of communicating - from making class presentations to working as a product manager - I believe I have developed a promising base for communication. M professional goal is to become a product manager or work in a position where I interface with different aspects of a business including: technology, design,…show more content…
Specifically, I seek to become more apt at looking at data and synthesizing what matters to any given audience. One of my key ambivalences when communicating to people with varying backgrounds is how to give proper context and communicate key takeaways without going too in-depth. For example, if I am talking to my non-technical CEO at my start-up, I have to give her enough context to understand what is happening on the technical side so she can make proper decisions. However, I do not want to spend too much of either of our time explaining minute technical details. I hope to develop in this class with study and practice. Moreover, I seek to get better at extemporaneous speaking and also practice my presentation skills in general. I tend to struggle presenting without extensive rehearsal and preparation. I'll stumble when speaking and try to make up for it by speaking more quickly. In turn, I'll sound rushed and sometimes forget to use verbal cues to accentuate certain points. These are problems that can be remedied with this class not only with practice, but also by understanding how a presentation should be done and having a formal tactic for
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