Communication Essay

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Today’s society has been extremely impersonal with the use of technology. Meetings are being held virtually, students are able to participate in academics online, and companies are supporting customers via chat rooms. With the many options available to communicate with staff, management, and customers it is important that a thriving business establishes and maintains effective communication. As an employee of a company that earns it’s revenue based on the quality of work and the satisfaction of customers, effective communication is a vital day-to-day tool. When speaking with customers I must listen attentively, be able to empathize and provide a resolution to their problem, most importantly, I must ensure that they feel as if satisfaction is of the upmost importance to the company. For example, a customer called in due to issues with his tablet. He was attempting to sync and backup the data stored in his tablet to his personal PC. Upon starting the call, the customer was confused and angry. The resolution to his problem was simple and quick to fix, but without effective communication skills it would have easily turned into a difficult and tedious call for all parties involved. Listening is the most important aspect of communication. As an old saying goes, “You have two ear and one mouth; you are supposed to listen twice as much as you speak.” As the customer was speaking it was my job to listen to his issue carefully and evaluate his tine (i.e. Is the customer aggravated or upset?) Once he finished speaking I used reflection, paraphrasing, to let him know that I heard his problem. After which, I asked probing questions to gain a clear and concise vision of our goal during the call. Being able to relate to the person that you are conversing with is a skill that is often overlooked in business. Empathy in business dealing is vital for success. It is important
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