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Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own Job role. As Manager it is part of my job role to be able to communicate in different forms and use different methods, as being able to communicate well builds trust and relationships. I have to communicate with the senior management team, external agency’s, families, staff and residents. I regularly have to assess the way I use my communication skills depending on who I am communicating with, this could be in groups like staff meetings and resident meetings or on an individual basis for example supervisions, appraisals, face to face. It is very important to me in my role as manager that I am aware of the individuals preferred method to communicate and also to support them to be able to communicate. By understanding, putting into practice and giving support to peoples preferred methods of communication I am respecting all peoples rights to communicate in the method that they choose to use and then I am following the Human Rights Act 1998 which states that it is every person’s right to freedom of expression Explain how to support effective communication with in own job role. In my role as manager I need to have a good knowledge of residents and staffs choice of communicating. To have an open door policy so residents, staff, visitors and health professional can come and talk to me. so I can support them and if required to share their information. This could be by email, telephone, reports or written letters. When communicating with staff I may have a staff member from a different country so I may need to adapt my communication method to enable the staff member to understand me. When communicating with residents I need to know their communication care plan which will give the knowledge of how the individual likes to communicate as the resident could be deaf in the

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