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Arts Communication The Visible Embryo is a great site to understand and study how fertilization through pregnancy to birth looks like. I think the figure and location of developing internal structures is important to human development. It’s amazing how medical professionals create these pictures to discover how the fetus is succeeding. Knowing how and when errors in development occur and survive for an intervention is the main starting point. It is necessary for parents to understand the connection of these internal structures and how their infant develops through pregnancy. The Carnegie Stages capture information that might be missed by having a pre-existing idea of what that thing should look like or how it should work. It determines and concludes how the subject matter being experiment exactly looks and acts in a certain moment. It also explains the first nine weeks of pregnancy which are numbered from 1 to 23 based on internal and external physical characteristics of the embryo. The development changes described in each stage which give biologists to help in their search for patterns of chromosomal differentiation. Thanks to specialists and educators who created these complicated studies to get across an ideas of how an embryo develops from a single cell into a baby. It’s a very helpful source for teaching normal growth and the origins of developmental disorders. The slides provide a good view of the development of internal organ systems which primary focus for the collection. These existing embryo slides offered art communication. Pregnancy inspired public interests in embryology, abnormal of birth draw people to the Visible Embryo. Everyone is curious and eager to know something about life and how they develop in the first
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