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Throughout our lives everyone communicates for a lot of reasons from the day we are born, we start to communicate. A baby will communicate throughout crying to let you know if he or she is hungry or need changing nappy, need company or is not feeling well. You communicate to give and receive instructions, to give children effective instruction you have to make sure that they understand what they are being told to do. You give instructions when you are near the child, you have to be clear and specify what you want to be done, and you give instructions one at a time and keep instructions simple. We communicate to express our wants and needs, to help people understand how we are feeling and what we want. When our needs are met we feel accepted, secure, happy, confident, and calm, but when our needs are not met we feel ignored, scared, discouraged, lonely, upset, and confused. We communicate in order to give or provide information, to get to know the other person or to seek information about the work you are doing. Communication is a process of sending and receiving messages which enable us to share knowledge, attitudes and skills, there is the verbal or non-verbal communication; non-verbal communication is without words such as our facial expressions, eyes, touching, tone of voice, posture and the way you dress. In our everyday life we communicate with people by making choices and sharing ideas. People communicate to socialise with people, you make new friends and learn from other people, effective communication help to build positive

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