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“The Impact of Communication Styles on Customer Services.” There are four effective styles of communication in the workplace. Not everyone communicates the same way or even listens the same way. Each person has their own style and this means that everyone is different. The DISC personal profile system helps identify what kind of communicator you are. Being able to know what kind of personality you have and what traits you value the most helps you differentiate your communication styles from others. One form of communication that there is called the controller communicators. The number one priority with this form of communication is to get things done. Get right to the point if in a meeting and do not waste any time with unnecessary talk. Do not make any excuses to why things were not done one time. Always be on time with everything. The promoter communicator loves people and talking. This is the type of person that you will have a very long conversation with. They are very social and like to relate examples and stories. The largest number of communicators falls within being supporter communicators. They always appear calm and cool. They consider new ideas and focus more on the process of getting the best results. The last communicator is the analyzer. This communicator is very interested in facts and figures. They need to be presented with all of the facts in order to recommend any path or direction to take. They have a very straightforward approach to business and when coming into contact with type of communicator you need to be fully prepared and have all information and questions ready. (Zellman) In conclusion, there are different forms of communication and in order to see which one you are you have to know yourself first. It is so important to understand what you value the most and be able to understand why people act the way they do. The way you

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